• Braiding

    Our braiding machines allow for the use of various filaments: stainless steel flat and round, Nitinol wires, electrical wires, extruded polymers and fibers among others.  Custom tooling allows for the braiding of large size catheters (up to 34 Fr.) as well as multi-filar braids. We will select the appropriate braid pattern to increase flexibility, torque response, push-ability, hoop strength or any specific requirements from our customers. We can also run axial elements which can enhance the mechanical properties of the catheter, especially in deflectable catheter applications. Finally, we can set up our braiding machines to make looped end braids for specific applications such as implants or Nitinol self-expanding structure.

  • Coil Winding

    For some applications, it is sometime preferred to reinforce the medical tubing with a coil, usually made out of a wound metal filament, as fine as .001” flat or round. Coil reinforced catheters will show greater flexibility, kink resistance and column strength. We can manufacture left-hand or right-hand coils as well as multi-layer coils. Our automated coil winding equipment allows for coiling straight onto the catheter, for an efficient integrated manufacturing process.

  • Balloon Blowing

    Our automated equipment allows for the manufacturing of a wide range of medical balloons of custom shapes ranging from non-compliant angioplasty balloons to compliant occluding balloons. Typical materials we use are: Nylons, Pebax, Urethane and other elastomers such as C-Flex and Silicone. Typical applications: PTCA/PTA catheters, stent delivery systems, RF Balloons, occluding/anchoring balloons. Related in-house activities: balloon folding, stent crimping, marker band swaging and full catheter assembly.

  • Nitinol Processing

    We have extensive experience working with this amazing alloy. Typical example of applications are: self-expanding structures such as stents, baskets and filters, support loops and support structures, actuating arms and mechanisms, and anchoring systems among others. We will work straight from the raw material that we will procure in a form of a wire, a tubing or a flat sheet.

  • Medical Adhesives

    For the final assembly of a product we typically use medical grade adhesives such as cyanoacrylates, epoxies, or UV cured polymers. Our extensive experience allows us to select the right adhesive based on requirements such as bond strength, flexibility, bonding substrate compatibility, and process capability.

  • 3D Printing

    Latest HD DLP technology (SLA-like) .001” Voxel resolution. Durable, ETO sterilization resistant polymer resin, fully functional and cost effective, 1-day turnaround available

  • Extrusions

    Single & Multi lumen precision profiles +/- .0005″ Tolerances

    Materials: PEBAX, Urethane, Nylon, Polyethylene and other custom compounds


    Quick turnaround available <1 week

  • Laser Welding

    High Precision micro spot welding down to .001″-.002″ weld spots


    Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel welding

    Stainless Steel to Platinum welding

    Stainless Steel to Nitinol welding


    Fully automated CNC welding equipment for volume manufacturing applications